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Astellia Reveals Halloween Event Details
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Dołączył: 17 Lip 2019
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Wysłany: Sro Paź 16, 2019 07:35 Astellia Reveals Halloween Event Details

It’s been a good past few weeks for brand new MMORPG launched in the West, Astellia. The Korean MMORPG since its launch last month, as added new content and and even a new EU server to accomodate its growing playerbase. Alongside the introduction of Class Evolutoons and Legendary dungeons, Barunson & EA have now revealed more good stuff coming to the game over the course of the next few weeks.

First, the Halloween seasonal event will go live on Tuesday, October 22nd. During the event, players will be able to take part in Halloween themed events, eat way too much candy, and obtain a brand new limited time mount. While there are no further details about what the mount looks like or how to acquire it, we expect it to be a spooky themed mount that players will enjoy. Additionally for PvP players, the first season of the new Ladder system has officially started, and participants can earn zender through weekly prizes along with special rewards at the end of the season dependent on their rank. With our best and cheapest Astellia Online Asper, get yourself with powerful items, pets and equipment, become the key player in each mission.

Astellia is a free to play fantasy MMORPG by Barunson E&A which was specifically localized for Western audiences. Choose from five character classes: Archer, Warrior, Mage, Scholar, or Assassin. Embark on an epic journey and summon mythical creatures called Astels in the form of cards to assist in combat. Astels come in four types (Savior, Guardian, Servant, and Aide) and thirteen classes such as Warrior, Knight, or Fairy. Take different sets of Astels into battle, utilizing their unique skills and enhancing them to level up. Engage in various end-game content battles, such as large-scale PvP and PvE in the same field, a PvP Colosseum, a PvE Tower, and guild wars.
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